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    yahoo mail prob: isp related?


      i'm a globe wimax 999 subs.  currently i'm unable to sign in to any of my yahoo mail accounts with the prompt 'invalid id or password' appearing everytime i do so.  does this have something to do with the isp? ip address?  thank you.

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          This is not a ISP problem thus theirs. Due to huge number of the subscribers of yahoo they have problems in signing in to your ymail via their website. I recomend to use outlook or third part apllication to open your e-mails
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            Yahoo Mail! is a third party application and regarding the Prompt of invalid ID or Password, that should refer to their database where the username and/or password do not match.


            I also have someone I know who experienced this and it took quite some time for it to be resolved. You may want to email yahoo for this concern in order for you to resolve this.


            I hope this helps and best regards!




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              Problema ng lahat yan.. Kung sa cellphone ang pinag uusapan. Kilangan open mo muna yung account mo sa pc tapos correct mo lang yung mobile number kasi don nila papadala yung code for mobile activation and confirmation ata yun. Kung ang problema naman eh yung relocation mo medyo mahirap yan. Halimbawa ginamit mo account sa ibang bansa then suddenly lumipat ka sa ibang bansa, syempre normal lang na mag aask ng security ang ym. Try mo gumamit ng UCweb browser kasi sa new york naka base ang server... Tyak magkakaroon ng error ang account mo.. Ang gagawin lang accept mo lang or click accept kung sakali. Open mo muna ang account sa pc para maayos ang lahat.