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    Regarding Postpaid SMS


      Hi :smileyhappy:

      I'm in vietnam and a globe prepaid roaming user, and i have someone in the philippines who is a globe postpaid user, she has unlicalls and texts, regarding SMS, will she be charged for the messages she sends to me? if so how much?


      In customer service, 2 out of 3 calls from them said it was free so long as it's still globe, i would just like to clarify it, thanks

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          Receiving Globe sms while you are in Vietnam would be free for you and sending SMS from a Globe subscriber from the Philippines who has unlimited Globe SMS would also be free on his/her end.


          In fact they could send Globe SMS (from the Philippines) for free to just any Globe subscriber in any part of the world.


          For people who are roaming however, sending SMS to Globe or any subscriber (to the Philippines or any part of the world) would be charged according to the rates of the roaming partner.



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            i doubt it would be free,unlimited txt and call for postpaid is for local calls and sms only.
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                Perhaps somebody from Globe could confirm this but from my understanding, the link refers to SuperUnli subscribers who roam abroad....


                To explain further, Superunli subscribers would be able to call and send sms to any Globe and TM numbers for free (wherever the recipients are) BUT Superunli subscribers who roam abroad (who are not in the Philippines) would be charged according to the roaming partner's rates when they call or send SMS even if the recipients are Globe and TM numbers.


                In the case of the threadstarter @DA10 , the sender is from the Philippines with a Superunli subscription sending an SMS to a Globe prepaid number roaming in Vietnam. My understanding is that the sender would not be charged for sending SMS to @DA10.


                Tara @liunard1928... kain na lang tayo ng Vietnamese food while waiting for Globe to answer...:smileyvery-happy: This thread makes me hungry.


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                Hi, from my experience, the number here in the Philippines will be charged the local rate and calls. So in this case, she has unli calls and txts to globe, since you have a globe number then her calls and txts to you is already covered in her unli call and txt bundle. She won't be charged for receiving your text nor your calls.

                It's the roaming number which will be charged the partner's roaming rates, (in your case, see here for the rates: http://www.globe.com.ph/international/roaming/vietnam) for sending an SMS, calling and receiving (yes, there will be charges) calls.

                Hope this clarifies your query. :smileyhappy:

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                    Thanks @blu4 


                    Here are the rates in case the link does not work: http://www.globe.com.ph/international/roaming/vietnam


                    For regular call, text, and mobile surfing rates while roaming in Vietnam, please refer to the table below.


                    ServicesBase Rate
                    Sending Text (Anywhere)$0.24 /Text
                    Incoming TextFREE
                    Incoming Calls (Any)$0.95 /Minute
                    Calls to the Philippines$1.31 to $5.94 /Minute
                    Local Calls (within Vietnam)$0.48 to $0.60 /Minute
                    Mobile Data Browsing$4.62 to $10.59 /MB

                    • Base rates are dependent on the operator that the subscriber will select while roaming in the specified destination