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    Change plan from wimax to [email protected] LTE


      Currently, I am subscribing to Globe Tattoo Wimax 1mbps. I started to subcribe to Globe on June 2013 through the recommendation of my friend who is a Globe Sales Agent. While browsing Tattoo website, I was impressed with the latest offer from Globe, the [email protected] LTE. I really want that since I know LTE is fast and 2mbps is same as to wimax which is P1299.


      Yesterday, I went to Araneta Square, Caloocan to pay my first bill. After paying, I asked the customer service there about changing my plan. She told me that I couldn't change my Wimax plan to [email protected] LTE since I was in a postpaid basis. She also told me that the LTE is for mobile phone. I was confused and I explained that plan with the white modem. She told me that upgrading plans is SM based or thru phone.


      I have two choices for upgrade:

      1. Upgrading my Wimax 1mbps to 2mbps for P1299

      2. Switch to [email protected] LTE 2mbps for P1299


      My question is can I change my plan (Wimax 1mbps with phone bundle) to [email protected] LTE (2mbps with phone)




      I was impressed with this. thanks :smileyhappy:

      I really need for information with the latest in [email protected] :smileyhappy: