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    What happened to my freebies?


      Good day,


      My current plan is P999 (SuperSurf) it's like my base plan because it comes with an iPhone 5. Then I have an add-on, it's P599 SuperUnli (Unlimited Calls/Texts to Globe/TM). Now, as far as I know I should be having 2 freebies. Upon checking my account, the Globe rep told me that I am subscribed to a freebie that allows me to have 5 minutes of free cals to other networks and 25 free texts to other networks. Then the other freebie, it's SuperSurf999.


      As far as I know, I am already paying for the SuperSurf999 which happens to be my base plan. Why does it have to be placed as a freebie? Can I just use the freebie that has 5 minutes of free cals and 25 free text messages to other networks twice?