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    Poor Signal for mobile and broadband - Valenzuela


      We've been experiencing poor signal performance using mobile and broadband internet in Valenzuela. Worst, totally no signal inside our house. Complaints have been reported to Globe call centers and GBCs but still no improvement on the signal's performance. What can you guys recommend we should do? Thanks in advance

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          Was it any better before and just recently deteriorated? Or was it already bad even before?


          If a telco's signal had not reached or is very weak in your area ever since, than the most practical thing to do is to get a telco which has the best signal otherwise your subscription would actually be useless.


          Now if Globe's signal had just recently deteriorated then what you did by reporting it was the right thing to do. Depending on how improtant communcation is for you, you could either wait until your area improves or change to a telco which has a better signal.