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    Loyalty award


      Hi.. Can I ask what are the loyalty awards that you guys can offer to us??We're about 2 years subscribe of the network.. Any offers???Can I ask how can I apply for post paid plans with free phone using the same account in globe inaner and landlines..?

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          Hi @rhona Globe offer rewards but this are subject to change from time to time, for the latest update please call their Hotline 

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            no.. im still waiting for the response

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                If you call the loyalty department via option in the hotline, they would be ready to offer you a bill rebate which they could compute during your call. If you prefer a handset, then they would still have to check on the availability of such.


                I always suggest to take advantage of the bill rebate:


                1. It remains constant through the period of your recontracted period and therefore more financially sound than a gadget which depreciates over a short period of time.

                2. You may opt to terminate without any termination fees unlike if you avail of a gadget.

                3. Easier to avail unlike a gadget which Globe has to verify availability.