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    My postpaid plan P599 / But my current balance is P13,508.85 / Wow!!!


      How could my postpaid bill reach the amount of P13,000+ when my plan is supposed to be P599 only? Globe has some sort of a mechanism limiting the "consumption" of a subscriber similar to credit card system which is "credit limit"? Assuming but not conceding I text a lot, I call a lot and I went overseas necessitating the use of "roaming" and that this resulted to a being "consumption" on my part. Where is Globe mechanism now that limits load consumption? Is this is just for a show to leave your subscribers complacent and lower their guards without noticing that they now have "incredibly big amount" of bill? On top of this, I am, in good faith, transacting business with Globe to settle the issue, when all of a sudden my postpaid line was abruptly cut-off. I have been a good and loyal subscriber and I am one of those who fought tooth and nail so that our organization, numbering to around 200 personnel, will be using only Globe. But I got this "bill shock", my very first time in my life. I never had this kind whatsoever kind of "incredible amount" for a bill.

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          Fortunately or unfortunately, telcos do not follow the same "logic" that credit card companies have. For credit card companies, once you exceed your limit, the following charges would be declined. However, for Globe, they assign you a credit limit (in my case I had used to have the plan 599 with a credit limit on my billing statement showing as 2,500) but they don't automatically hinder you from using your phone line even if you have exceeded it. I don't exactly know why but I think it's because their system is not "trained" to hinder calls/texts/internet consumption past the assigned credit limit. I had to learn this the hard way when I had a similar experience. Thankfully, mine was disputed. Although I would have to say that I was really pissed that time cause the credit limit seemed to be a useless thing to have. When I applied for a second line and when I re-contracted that's when I learned that the credit limit does play a part.


          As for roaming, it really comes with a price. Calling from Thailand to the Philippines was 110 pesos per minute and it was a headache when my bill ballooned to an amount that was far from what I'm used to.