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    Best Ever Plan Builder Booster Glitch


      In the "Best Ever" Plan Builder BOOSTER page, notice there are 2 "UNLI CALLS & TEXTS to 1 Globe/TM Number" costing P175/month? The right and the left (See image).


      Notice that the left side is in CAPS while the one on the right side has a mix of Upper and Lower case letters but BOTH cost P175?.


      In turns out that if you click the right side (mix lower and upper case) it would give you Unli Calls and Texts to not just one but to all Globe/TM numbers and it would cost P599.


      It seems that somebody is changing the Plan Builder contents as this was not the case a few weeks ago. Perhaps even the price of the S4 under the 30 month contract was also changed by error as discussed in  http://community.globe.com.ph/t5/Bundles-Plans-and-Rates/Samsung-Galaxy-S4-peso-value-spike/td-p/9890#.UgH-QtLTypc



      Globe Booster.JPG