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    Wimax Plan


      gud day maam/sir. subscriber po ako ng plan P1299 (2mbps, landline w/ free globe/tm unlicalls), may nakita po ako sa link na to http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/wimax.html#plans na plan P999 (1MBps w/o landline). papaclarify ko lang po kong totoong 1MB(byte) po ba to or 1Mb(bit) lang? if totoo po, san po ba mas mabilis 2Mbits or 1MByte? salamat po

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          I would think it's a typographical error on Globe's part or they just don't know the difference between Mbps and MBps. Or a simple way out for them is the excuse that they just put everything in Capital letters (which could actually be deceptive for those who know the difference). 


          If we are to follow logic, all the values in their plan are based on a data transfer rate in Mbps or Mega bits (not bytes) per second.


          As to your question, around 8 Mbps would be equal to 1 MBps so that means to say that 1 MBps is a lot faster than 2 Mbps. 


          Besides, if you look at the "internet activities" , Plan 999 which had 1 MBPS is only for "Moderate Use" while your present Plan 1299 is for "Modrate to Heavy Use".