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    shocked at my globe postpaid bill!!!




      I just received a text message (Aug 07, 2013 5:34pm) from Globe regarding my bills, and I was really really shocked that I have an outstanding balance of P5201.40. This is the first time I have received such since I got my plan (iPhone5) last December 2012. It has an unlimited internet, 800 consumables, 2 freebies (a total of 50 txt msg and 10 mins of calls all networks, and 1 unlimited txt and call), Just using this for txting and calling locally (not used on abroad) and internet browsing. I am also paying my bills regularly in full. So I was shocked to see this very big globe bill. I have tried to login on accounts.globe.com.ph to check and view my bill details but it gets me an error "Oooops: try again" and no letting me in.


      I will complain on globe tomorrow to check the details of my bill usage as this is not acceptable!!!

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          Many of us have had that kind of problem mainly as an effect of the recent system upgrade by Globe.


          There could be many causes of why your bill shot up to that amount and the only way we could find that out is by getting details of your bill through the Statement of Account.


          Some of these reasons could be attributed but limited to the following:

          1. Unadjusted charges due to the delayed billing by Globe (which they have informed subscribers through letters);

          2. Delayed posting and/or Unposted payments made by the subscriber;

          3. System migration errors  resulting into the double charging or even advance charging of MSF;

          4. Unconscious usage by the subscriber;

          5. etc.


          To pacify you, Globe will eventually adjust some of the charges which were incured as a result of their error in a billing cycle or two.


          In these times, it would be best to have a record of your past Statements and receipts on hand so a clearer picture on how the amount was reached could be better understood if not refuted.

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            It might be a combination of your bill due last July (which you mighy have paid and the payment hasn't been updated) and your bill due this August.
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              i have exactly the same problem. same plan same freebies. but they actually charged me for call and text to a number a registerd under Freebie E which is supposed to be free and unlimited. tried calling customer service 3 times but incident report alwys disapproved due to insufficient info provided in the report. customer service is really bad. have to go to globe business center for this