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    Official Receipt


      I am glad to have my BPI savings account and enrolled the Innove/globe merchants to my online bill payment. Since then,I enjoyed paying my bills in my convenient time. As of this moment I've been paid 3 consicutive bills, bill number 32,33 and 34. But I was disappointed when I asked one of the Staff in Globe Center in SM Sta.mesa that I requested to have an Official Receipt for those bills that I've been paid, and said that there will be no issuance of Official Receipt for those paid bill thru online. I asked her why, but she dont have concreted answer. She dont make a point of reason. What i only remember is that, she explain that all paid bills whichever amount that paid, will reflected and deducted for the next bill and for that way she think no need of issuance of official receipt. But since I am in rush those time, I dont make any argue with her.

      Now, my concern is, I need an official receipt. Is that coul'dnt be possible?