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    Online Application


      I applied last July 23 2013 and was texted the same day to submit my requirements the same day. I did. The next day I was called to verify some information and after that, none. 


      I called and was advised that the approval team was calling our office but it just kept ringing... the last time they called was July 29 2013 according to the representative. I verified it with our HR and guess what, no one called.


      Up to now I've been following up for my application, they always tell you they'll make an urgent report/escalation and I should be able to receive a call within 24 hours, guess what it's been 4 days and 4 tickets. I aksed if they have the number for that approval team and they said tehy don't since it a different department. 


      I've been very lenient with them since I myself was a representative before and I know that a sup call is a not so good thing for a rep. 


      Is there someone wwho can help me here?


      urgently? I need it for my work and I also applied for other networks which already gave me a confirmation but I prefer Globe since the company itself uses Globe.