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    Globe Wimax Connection Problems


      With 1mbps, sometimes during night time, (I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this or others may have also experience this.) between 8pm to 11pm, my internet is very slow and sometimes it disconnects and after several minutes, the net returns but with slow speed. But from 11pm onwards, the net is moderately fast. My friend told me that it might be because of too many users who surf the net at this specified time.


      Being skeptical, I also find other probable cause like my modem. By the way, how will I determine if my modem is defective or not?


      What could be the probable cause for slow connection between these times? I hope if I upgrade my plan, it won't happen to me since I now have 2mbps plan by that time unless there is a problem, repair, maintenance at a cell site.



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          Yes indeed. It may be caused by congestion or huge number of subscribers. You may have a option to switch to DSL or have the latest [email protected] Lte.

          other ways in case of 12:00-2:00 in the afternoon or 6:00 to 11:00 you may experience slow browsing
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              Globe told me this morning that the LTE is not yet available in our area so sad. I don't know if the Tattoo DSL is available in our area. My friend who is a Globe agent told me that my house can't establish a DSL connection as there are no DP (don't know what it stands for) in nearby poles in our neighborhood. To be honest, I like the Tattoo DSL upon recommendation of another friend.

              Don't know if the Tattoo DSL is not available in my area of residence. As of now, I'm switching to Wimax 2mbps fingers crossed to be approved :smileyhappy:

              Maybe soon, I'll switch to DSL if I confirmed that this is available in my area as well as the LTE if it is already available.

              By the way, how can I determine soon if these are now available in an area as a part of expansion of network coverage? Thanks
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                Here in Mandaue City, Cebu, when can we avail the LTE coverage? Until now we are not included on the list of coverage are only Cebu City, we are highly urbanized city in Cebu.


                Please have it on mandaue also.


                I am planning to upgrade my wimax into Globe Home Tattoo LTE.








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                We have the same problem bro.

                I am from bohol and my wimax gets disconnected every night with only the led lights blinking.

                It also seems that this is because of the congestion.

                If they cannot provide a solution for this then they better give our money back.

                They keep on accepting applications even if they know that their system cannot handle anymore.

                I am really planning to file a complaint about this.


                I have an online job and I really need a reliable internet connection. Should've chosen smart wimax.

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                  We have the same problem too. Im from Rodrigues Rizal.

                  My wimax gets disconnected  with only the led lights blinking. there's no spicific time. I always experiencing this  atleast 2 - 4 times a week.

                  after an hour the connection return. I already reported this issue to globe several times, a techinician came but cannot fixed since when they arrive in the next day, the connection is already return. its very annoying, it seems that they cannot do about it.

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                    Hello @mumax062807 kalma lang po kayo, pero kung hindi mo na kayang kumalma, aabangan na lang po kita sa news. Hehe. :smileyhappy:
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                      I was very satisfied with Globe WiMax service in Meycauayan Bulacan before until now that we're experiencing difficulty using the service . My grandparents use it more often than I am and it is veryimportant for them to have a reliable service and leave it as is. They always use skype and they are very much happy since they could talk for hours with and never get disconnected. But for the past 2 months, they always complain about the calls being choppy and always getting disconnected. I tried to investigate the issue while staying here as for several days. On the first night, I called the Customer Service because eventhough I see a full bar on the Wimax signal and it says I'm connected with ethernet (I set-up my grandparents computer as a single PC so that they won't have any difficulty troubleshooting for wifi routers), tried to do ping test but I keep on getting the error 'Ping request could not find host...'.  I've scheduled a site visit to check our modem later because I'm not available yesterday. So I still tried to investigate the issue yeserday morning before I went out. I was able to connect to the internet and I did several skype calls and simple web browsing... I got frustrated because when I tried continuous ping I always get '... Destination net unreachable' and 'Request time out'. I'm still looking at the problem earlier and I still got these errors. What happened Globe to your satifactory service? 

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                        I have been using Globe Wimax for 3 months now and I already experienced that very same problem for many times now.


                        It's very annoying. :smileymad:


                        I already erased my option in getting Smart Wimax cause its already congested in our area, and I have faith in globe that they have a good service compared to ather ISP but I got this problem instead. DSL and LTE is not available in our area. No other choice and I am hesitant now to upgrade my Wimax cause I am thinking that, it will just increase in payment rather than a fast Internet connection.


                        Hope will got better connection as days passed. Or will just continue dreaming about it.