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      I am not happy with the service that I am getting with Globe. Internet Disconnects every three to four hours, lies from globe employees, stealing of "load", auto subscriptions to services. This is not right, for 7 years of being a customer of globe I have been fustrated, unhappy and angered by how globe deals with their customers and deals with their service. I thought globe would be improved in the future due to how many complaints they have from other people, but I was wrong they gotten worse, I'm a student in the Philippines aiming to have the best grades in school but mostly my assignments have to be done in computer since its print outs, but how can I finish them, I get 0.50 - 0.99mbps for my internet and sometimes It won't even load one single web page because of the slowness of my internet. Don't take this has a threaten but If I had the chance to Ddos your servers I would, I can't believe people don't even Ddos you while you even have a lot of complaints. Must be luck. Anyways I'm waisintg my time right? typing this long paragraph, globe employees won't even read this like what they do with their customer service, people who are calling gets hanged up or spend countless of hours standing and listening to crappy music on their phones just so we can talk to you. :smileyhappy: and maybe I'll just get a normal auto message reply by some moderator that just copied and paste the reply message that their boss ordered them to do, and don't bother lying in your replies, I won't be fooled.

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          simple solution, change your ISP and service provider... even with your complain, you still managed to be a Globe subscriber for the past 7 years why is it so then?... =>
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            Globe is the best isp in the philippines...you cannot find any other isp that offers what globe can give you...
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              seems you have a lot of problems right now. as @Jeian mentioned this site is powered mostly by community members. i think globe employee's don't lie, they just answer what they seems to know, i also experience that many times.

              What you can do is to call the hotline and insist of a site visit from their technical team and make sure you have a scheduled visitation before you hang up the phone.
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                I called the customer service regarding bill issues. It saddened me wen I was listening to the agent coz he sounded like he didn't know what he was doing. When your in a dilemma, you would really want to be listening to a calming and assured voice, that a chidding agent who has given you so many wrong information on a shaky, raised voice. Buti pa cgruo mag google nlng, mas kaya pa yatang sagutin ng google ang billing questions ko... I am not generalizing, d naman cguro lahat ng agents ganun, pero so far lang ha, since i started having billing problems, all agents i have spoke to sound like they are not cared for in their jobs. nakakainis kasi they pass the frustration sa mga customers. dba nga they have their jobs because customers would like to be heard... sana these agents get taught professional csr naman on training para happy lahat. :smileytongue:

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                    Napansin ko rin yan sa customer agent nila. Ung iba unti lang alam pagdating sa troubleshooting lalo na pagmy problema sa internet ung iba naman merong alam. Minsan tumawag ako dahil nawalan bigla ng internet tapos sabi nung isang agent ipapasa na lang daw sa field agent nila. Tapos tumawag ulit ako kasi tagal dumating nung field agent ung sumagot sakin ay nasagot ung problema ko. Nareset lang pala ung modem tapos pinaenter sa akin ung username at password ayun meron ng internet lol


                    On the topic:

                    Wala ka na magagawa hanggang nakatira kasa Pilipinas pangit talaga internet dito sa atin at kung gusto mo magandang internet magbabayad ka ng malaki tapos wala pang kasiguraduhan na hindi ka rin madidismaya. Para sa akin Globe na pinakamababa pagdating sa pangit na ISP. Kasi smart pagumulan masahol pa sa dial up at ung PLDT naman pagnagkaproblema tagal dumating nung field agent para ayusin ung problema at lagi naDDC.

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                        I also expirience that. Pero lahat naman ng pinaguusapan nyo is made up by a report. So kung mali man ang sabi nya the support team ang gagawa ng aksyon. They are just reading and explaining lang din naman po kung anong nakikita nila sa system. Sila ang looking glass natin at kapag hindi natin ito nakita or mali ung sinabi nila you can complain them through another agent para magkaroon sya ng info and on other cases additional training