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    Tattoo Personalized Plan


      Plano ko po sana mag apply ng Tattoo Personalized Plan. Tanong ko po sana kung hindi po ba ito na DDC? http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/product/personalized-plan#details Yung laging disconnected pag 30-1hrs mins lang. Dami kasi ako nababasa o nagsasabi na lagi daw disconnected. Natatakot kasi ako baka mamaya laging DC tapos magbabayad pa ako ng monthly. Masasayang lang ang pera kung ganun ang connection. Kung sa signal naman walang problema kasi malapit ang base station o cell sites ng globe dito samin. gagamitin ko po sana ito para sa business kasi mukhang ok kung 7.2mbps compare to wimax 1mb only. Sana may mag reply sa question ko lalo na mga subscribers nitong personalized plan. Maraming salamat po!!!

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          You have to understand that Tattoo is a mobile solution and as such, is affected by it's limitations. As an example, when a lot of tattoo users enter your area (both on phones and tattoo sticks), there is a likelihood of slowdowns/reduced bandwidth.

          My experience, it's really good during the day but becomes really slow at night (but only in our particular area). I also experience 1 or 2 disconnects a day which is acceptable given it is a wireless solution. WiMax is a different technology and operates on a separate network from 3G. It is much more reliable but not as reliable as fixed line.

          My suggestion, if you are going to use it for business, get DSL. Faster ping times and less frustration.