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    Globe Broadband Modem being taken back?


      I just wanted to ask this question, i have a globe broadband subscription for about 2 years now, then i decided to have it disconnected, and the when i called up globe to have my subscription disconnected, they told me that someone will be coming to my house and will get the modem back, i thought the modem is already my property as i already pay for it when I applied for the subscription, the initial cash out that I gave them.
      Could anyone enlighten me about this??

      Thanks in advance!!!

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          Hi @golden_dunes , just like in PLDT, the equipment provided  (Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) or Modem kit, a Globe Landline unit, a Globe Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card, Ethernet cabling, and/or an external antenna (collectively referred to as a Telco Owned Equipment"). ) specific to Tatoo and Globe Landlines services are Telco Owned Equipment which are non-refundable, non-exchangeable for cash or any other product.


          The subscriber may have the option to purchase the equipment so what you may want to clear is whether the payment that you made at the start of the subscription is either a purchase price or a deposit fee.


          If it was a deposit that you paid, then the amount would be returned or offset with your remaining account with Globe.

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            I'm interested with the same issue. Haven't we already paid the modem etc with the 3 months amortization? Which is why the monthly fee in the first month's are always over the plan recurring fee? at least, that's how my bill looks like when I analyze it.