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    Roaming Unli data No proof of availed services


      Hello Globe community,


      Recently had problems with billing/charges of availing Roaming Unli data, As you know globe will text you when you arrive at other countries with promos on Unli data, or Roaming promos. My exoerience was during my trip to Singapore, I availed the $10 /24 hr unli data. Which makes you dial *143#, then a series of number inputs to what services you are availing. When I got my bill there was an almost 30,000 amount due to browsing. So I complain this and have been emailing people at globe. Now the response is there was no subscription made.


      I would like to ask the community if there has been similar experiences and how to resolve this problem?

      MAIN Problem (my opinion) is there is no proof/confirmation that you availed of this service on the INBOX.

      The prompts and confirmation are all done when you dial *143#, so how can this be solved?


      Oh and I won't use this service without a confirmation, there was even a message that said I only had 3 hours left.

      Can anyone HELP?

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          Well now it's two years later, and I have an issue with the confirmation texts. I subscribed 3 times, but not in a block and when I got back to Philippines it says that I subscribed 5 times!


          I have 3 confirmation texts from the times that I did subscribe, but for the other two on those days I opted not to. And now that I am contacting Globe, they are not doing anything but repeating my bill to me. I've asked them numerous times for evidence that I subscribed for the two times in question, but to no avail.


          This is frustrating. They should be able to check quickly and resolve the issue and send me my true bill so I can just pay it.