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    Globe Unlisurf 999 (Postpaid) vs. Globe Tattoo Plan 999 (Postpaid)




      I'm sorry if this topic has been addressed before, but I just want to confirm if my observations have basis.


      I've been a postpaid globe tattoo plan 999 subscriber for more than a year, and I've been very happy with the speed whenever I'm downloading torrents. I use it with a wifi modem.


      Recently, I had my globe tattoo plan 999 subscription cut (to get a new phone) and availed of globe unlisurf 999.


      I have observed that in globe unlisurf 999, downloading torrents is not as fast as it used to be when I was still with globe tattoo. But when I'm just browsing web pages, I don't see any noticeable differences. Also, when I check dslspeedtest, the results are ok and comparable with the results I used to get when I was still with globe tattoo.


      In short, the only difference I experience is when I'm downloading torrents.


      Is this just in my head or is there anyone out there experienceing the same issue?