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    Upgrading Wimax to DSL


      Hello there, I just want to know if we can upgrade our Wimax to DSL with Landline. 
      And if there is available in our location : Tagaytay Vito Minglanilla, Cebu. 


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          Go to tattoo.globe.com.ph then click products, then click Tattoo DSL. Click Subscribe then check if DSL is Available to your area VIA PLAN BUILDER :smileyhappy:
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            Alec Jordan Buencamino

            I think it would be best to visit a Globe Business Center. DSL connections are not always available especially to those locations far from the main road or those living on subdivisions and generally not accessible. When you check the tattoo website, it may say that DSL is available to your area. But it does not guarantee that it is available on your exact location on that place.

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              I suggest, you call 211 (toll free using Globe mobile phone) but must have a minimum load of 7.50. If you want to know if your area is serviceable, just call them and usually, what the agent will do (same as globestores), they will create a report for area checking. You will be advise accordingly.