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    THE WEEK AHEAD - August 12-18


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      Happy Monday, everyone!


      With Globe Community passing the 5th month mark, we're finding new ways for everyone to join in the conversation! Starting this August, we’re launching what we call "The Week Ahead", a sneak peek of what to expect from the community over the week. With our family growing bigger and bigger, we don't want anyone to miss out on the great things happening within the community!


      We will cover a wide array of topics such as contests, promos, and events! As the week goes on we'll be updating the list in case new things come along, so stay tuned! :smileyvery-happy:





      P.S. Want to contribute to the Community? Just send me a PM!




      THE WEEK AHEAD - August 12-18 


      Monday, August 12:

      - @AdrianP gives a summary of what you missed in Globe Mobility Store-on-the-Go last week!

      - A friendly reminder from @GlennO on how 'Accept as Solution' feature helps Globe Community.


      Tuesday, August 13:

      - Two of our members share their top reasons for being a Postpaid or Prepaid subscriber:

      - @Eons shares his top reasons for being a happy Prepaid Subscriber since 1999 :smileyhappy:

      - @ninja_poof tells us why he's a loyal Postpaid subscriber for more than 10 years!

      - Share your top reasons too! What do you think are the benefits of being a Postpaid or Prepaid subscriber?


      Wednesday, August 14:

      - We give you 7 reasons why you should be excited about iOS7, Apple's brand-spanking new operating system coming soon!


      Thursday, August 15:

      - Throwback Thursday! Ano ang mga nilalaro mo noon?.

      - Did you know that our top community members met up last week? @r_eighteen gives us a recap of what happened!


      Friday, August 16:

      - @GIBO and @hcescala  share their top 10 apps and games for mobile. Will your favorites make the list?

      - First up, @GIBO and the ten apps he can't live without!