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    Involuntary Deduction of Load Credits

      I've been a loyal Globe subscriber since 2003. Just last April, I've decided to try using TM due to favorable feedback from friends and colleagues. Now, I've been thinking if I should continue using your network because I've experienced unexplainable deduction to my load credits multiple times (approx. 8 times in just a week). On 03 August 2013, Baby of Customer Support promised TM will get back to me within 4 working days. But I have not received a positive response from you. I noticed three (3) missed calls from (02) 902-0330 on 05 August 2013 during office hours but they did not even have the decency to call back after office hours or during the next working day. Do you expect all your customers to call you back when you failed to contact them? Today, 13 August 2013, I called back your Customer Support group (Amber) only to find out that your Investigation team found out that I lost my load credits due to browsing activities on my phone. And with that, my load will not be reversed. WOULD I EVEN REPORT THIS MATTER TO YOU IF I KNEW FROM THE START THAT I'VE BEEN USING MY PHONE FOR WEB BROWSING?! STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH YOUR CONSUMERS! I have not changed my phone's settings since I used it in 2010. I am convinced that you are only using this excuse as a loophole in corrupting your consumers. It is frustrating to know that I can lose load credits overnight while I am sleeping, or that certain load credits will be gone while I am working (and not using my phone at the time). I am really disappointed with what you did to me. Your Customer Service does not provide good and immediate feedback. You are not very customer-friendly. It was hard reaching your lines. I called you up three times, with three reference numbers because the previous customer service representatives did not get my request accurately. On the follow up call for my third attempt, I experienced dropped calls twice before I was able to connect to your staff. I will NOT waste another talk time to follow up on my load reversal. I hope you are happy with the Php 45.00 you have corruptly deducted from my Php 50.00 load. If you have any decency to respond, I would appreciate you contacting me through my email address where I can respond immediately than contacting me through my mobile phone and using that as an excuse for not being able to reach me. Good day. God bless you!
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          Hi, There are lot's of department in globe. Ung nag-call from the landline were a part of their support group pero sayang kasi hindi mo sinagor at you cannot re-call that no as it was always busy. Then when you call at the hotline you need to re-explain everything again

          Btw, Hndi po nagbabalik ng load kapag prepaid or TM, but they will assure you next time it wont happen again