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    iphone 4s no signal but data (edge/3g) works


      I bought an Iphone 4s in tcp a year ago, Factory Unlock, from Saudi (based on my research) and I can use it perfectly until June1, 2013.
      Sadly walang receipt and etc...

      No signal bar
      With Operator logo (smart / globe)
      My sim is working on other Iphone, other sims are having the same issue pag nilagay mo sa phone ko (definitely Iphone issue)
      3G and EDGE are working fine, its just voicecall and text ang hindi nagwowork! weird!!

      I've reset all setting, tanggal ko sa pagka jailbreak din
      Inupdate sa latest version ng OS, all possible things ginawa ko na pero ganon pa rin.

      I went last month sa Thailand and bought Thai SIM and my phone works perfectly fine!

      Im afraid my phone is blocked listed from NTC Philippines????

      Kung naencounter nyo rin to, please do a reply and share what you've done..