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    Recontracting/Line Upgrade Issue




      I upgrade my previous 299 plan to My Best Ever My Super Plan 999 with Combo G(Unli Surf) & C(5 mins call & 100 text messages to other network) last July 29, 2013 and the agent told me that it will take effect after my cut-off which is every 12 of the month. So I started using my phone for web browsing last August 13 until yesterday (August 14) then I decided to call Globe to confirm if my line has been upgraded to Plan 999 with the combos that I have selected but to my surprise only the upgrade of the plan was processed meaning I still don't have Unli Surfin my plan and need to wait again for the next cutoff to activate the combos.


      If I use my phone for web browsing and my bill for next month exceeds 999, should Globe reverse all the charges that exceeds 999 since its their fault for not activating my combos?

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          Hi @batangcute if you requested to change your combos na hindi mo pa naman cut off di po sya mapaprocess you need to call again the hotline on the first day after your cut off period to process your request for change combos. try to call the hotline again baka pede sila mapakiusapan to reverse all the charges which is over than your plan because you are not aware na di pa pala napapalitan yung combos mo.

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            Hi @batangcute yun nga need mo itawag sa Hotline or visit GBC to settle your concern.


            During my Plan upgrade last May  from Plan 299 to Plan 1799 ang ginawa ng agent eh pinasok muna ako sa Unlisurf Combo (999 Unlisurf + 800 comsumables) then sa cutoff ko which is 21st of the month, ninote nya na ipinasok yung My Best Ever Super Plan ko, to my surprise hindi rin naprocess yung migration from Unlisurf Combo to My Best Ever Super Plan until last July lang nung tinawag ko lang..hehe


            Actually madali lang yung conern mo, pagawa ka ng report then balikan mo pag nagenerate na yung BILL mo, or you can dial in *143# to check your unbilles charges. The first thing need mo gawin ngayon is ensure na maprocess na yung Combos mo, kung hindi sabihin mo ipasok ka muna sa Unlisurf 999 (lumang plan).

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              Hi there, my plan 999 will expire on 19 Sept 2013. I tried to apply for recontracting via chat service today, good thing they can! :smileyhappy: I wanted to get the iphone 5 16G, Loyalty Agent told me that for rewards, I can take advantage of bill rebate of P475
              per month for 24 months / iPhone 5 16GB with P19,200 cash out /  BB Curve 9220 free /  BB Curve 9320 free / BB Z10 LTE with P12,000 cash out / Samsung Ativ S "Windows 8" with P10,700 cash out or Samsung Galaxy Note II with P12,000 cash out.


              But the thing is, when I checked the regular plan 999 in www.globe.com.ph, it seems that the cash out for iPhone 5 16GB is the SAME and for me it's not a reward. Please advice

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                had a problem with recontracting (actually with customer service handling). earlier i called the hotline to know my options about line retention, the CSR couldnt help coz the system was dowm. i asked if i can go to Globe Alabang town center to inquire instead, he said i can do that. after work,  i went to the Globe center in ATC. the manong told me to call the hotline first which i did, the system is still down. i asked the CSR if the customer service can help me since im already at their store, she said yes. after waiting for my turn, the customer service girl told me that i need to process recontracting over the hotline. i called the hotline again only to find out i cant get anything done despite being at the ATC store. that i need to wait for 5 days for the new phone. 


                was really disappointed, its easier to get a phone over new line/new accounts than to stay with globe foranother 2 or plus years. you say its a reward for staying with globe but its not. i read in this thread that recontracting is not special. atleast make it not difficult for your loyal subscribers. 


                its not like im getting a free phone, im going to cash out a part of the purchase price and will upgrade my plan. 


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                    Granted that recontracting privileges is a special accomodation to let the subscriber retain the number one is using over a period of time; granted also that such practice was not offered before (like PLDT landline) but is now a regular offer by the telcos in the industry; it is because of this such offer that Globe should device an efficient system of processing recontracting among its customers.


                    I was wondering also why the hotline was suggesting that you go to the GBC considering that they knew that the "upgraded" system was down. Globe has become so dependent on this problematic system since that dreaded upgrade.


                    I too had a similar experience just yesterday regarding recontracting and there were a lot of inconsistencies that were being told to me by people from the hotline because of what was appearing in their system when it was up then when it went down. As usual, they promised to call within the day but at least Globe has been consistent through the 19 years of my relationship with them... no calls within the given timeframe.


                    Check the thread http://community.globe.com.ph/t5/General-Discussion/System-Upgrade-or-Downgrade/m-p/51865#M1903