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    URGENT: Recontracting Problem - Problems with Phone Delivery


      Here's my story:


      I called Globe regarding my recontracting options on the week of July 15, 2013. I opted to downgrade my plan from 999 to 499 and the agent told me that I have remaining peso value which is convertible to a free phone (I'll have to choose from the options available) + 599 internet (BB max for 1 month) + the remaining consumable 51 or 52 pesos. The first agent I talked to gave me Blackberry 9220 as the only option I have for Blackberry, which I later found out was not true since I can also opt to get Blackberry 9320. The 2nd agent I talked to advised me to cancel the first request and when the phone arrives, I should refuse to receive it which is exactly what I did when the Blackberry 9220 was delivered to me last July 22, 2013. I talked to a 3rd agent and told them that the Blackberry 9220 came but I refused it and that I will be waiting for the replacement, Blackberry 9320. The agent promised me that it will be delivered on July 24, 2013 or within that week.


      A week after I have not received any feedback so I called Globe again and asked for the status of my request. They told me that my request is still pending and that they will escalate my request for it to be processed. I asked for any reason for the delay but the agents couldn't tell me anything. That week and the weeks after that I kept calling Globe and they all told me the same thing: they will escalate the issue and that they will give me feedback (which didn't happen).


      Finally, I called Globe today (August 15, 2013) because I haven't received the Blackberry 9320 yet. The agent named Charles advised me that he has checked the courier website (Ximex) and it was noted there that I refused to receive the Blackberry 9220 last July 22, 2013, but it was delivered the following day, July 23, 2013 and was received by someone named Aileen Oma! I do not know this person and I have never even heard of this name--from what I know, the courier would ask for an ID upon delivery and if someone else is receiving the handset, an ID and authorization letter are required as well.


      What I find most frustrating is that I have already refused receiving the first handset, so logically, why would a second attempt at delivery of the same handset happen? I also find it alarming that someone named Aileen Oma allegedly received the Blackberry 9220 (which I already refused) on my behalf.


      I have contacted Globe countless times and they have escalated my issue countless times and I don't know how else to go about this. Any suggestions? What would it take to fix this issue and for me to get my preferred phone? And it's frustrating because it's not even a new model or a high end phone like iPhone or S4.


      If any of you has any ideas, please feel free to provide me some.