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    Delivery of Handset


       the transaction of recontracting was last july 26,2013...i have received a call august 5,2013 telling me that the hand set was ready for pick up. the said hand set was misdelivered to Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan, i dont know what's the reason... then i talked to one of your agent and arrange the transfer and gave me ref #  and told me that the unit will be deliver by August 12, 2013... I am tired of waiting, i made follow ups and they keep on telling me that they will send notifications but untill now I don't receive any from them. i have also chat to your live chat agents with ticket # 1308151028 and still no concrete answer. they just said that they forwarded the message and just wait for the feedback. can any one help me on this... not by answering" wait for the feedback"