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    Is this possible?? Help needed.


      Hi Co-members, Globe Employees and Moderators,



      I would like to ask if it is possible to apply for a new line under this construction.


      PLAN: Best ever my superplan 499 - 900 PV 

      Gadget: Huawei Y210 - cashout is 300 Pesos, deducted PV is 250

      Lock up period: 12 months

      Combo: Unlisurf for Blackberry 599 - Less PV of 599

      PV remaining: 51 PV charge to consumable. 


      Total MSF: P499 


      This is what I am thinking to avail. Since I am currently using a blackberry Torch and I just want to give the phone Y210 as a gift for my mother. For the simcard I will be using it.


      Is this possible?