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    NTC's Sim card owner registration, what seems to be the problem?


      I  wonder why there are some people or groups that are against the SIm Card owner registration especially if PREPAID, since, this proposal might help and prevent subscribers from being bullied, scammed,spammed and to some sort of fraudulent acts by different numbers sending and doing those things? 


      There are lots of complaints regarding text scams and spams, the problem is that, scammers and spammers are using prepaid numbers that is absolutely its everybodies simcard because you can buy anytime anywhere they dont even register the name of the prepaid simcard buyer. Once they are being reported or under surveillance, they can easily throw away the old simcard and buy a new one and do the same thing as they did to their previous prepaid simcard number, how can we stop this fraudulent acts if we cannot stop the root of all.


      What could the PROS and CONS?