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    Question about cash-out!


      A question from my cousin....


      My cousin is now half-way on his first month in Globe Postpaid using PLAN 1799.

      She chose Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 - Platinum Package with P9,800 cash-out payable for 30 months.

      Now that she received her bill, she was confused that the bill doesn't include the cash-out amounts or just delayed.. whatever happens.

      How will she able to pay it?

      Will it be okay to pay together with the MSF + cash out amount on that month on an LBC? We don't have a Globe Store in our area.


      By the way, my cash-out for my S4 LTE was paid in full cash at a Globe Store so I can't answer my cousin.

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          Hi Youngee,

          Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 (is this the platinum edition)? just a question but you can choose not to answer it.

          PLAN 1,799

          Cash-out 9,800


          Ok I'm just quite confuse with what your cousin have. Sorry I might not be able to answer your question but let me tell what I have in mind.


          If you're going to apply for PLAN 1799 most gadgets will have cash-outs meaning upon application of your postpaid account you will have to pay for it. ( so before you leave the Globe Store, you need to pay for the total cash-out and the PLAN that you are applying so that'll will be P9,800 + P1,799. Now under 30 months contract most gadgets will be free upon application like the Samsung Galaxy S4. So from what I understand, you just need to divide P9,800 with 30 add the plan you have w/c is 1799 then your cousin needs to pay 2126 every month.



          Since it's not a month that your cousin is using the gadget try to check your first billing statement when it arrives and better if your @ a "Globe store" so that all your questions will be answered and try not calling their hotline (billing department) because most of the time they do not know what they are talking about so it is better when you are in their store, looking @ the monitor while they are explaining what you have in your billing statement. =)



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            hi,gudevening..can i ask for clarification?

            Samsung galaxy note 2 is free under plan 1799

            samsung galaxy note should cost less than n0te 2,so why do she need to pay a cash out for plan 1799 at 30 months contract?

            Perhaps i dont have any idea about platinum plan,but at plan 1799 you could get the latest note 2 even at 24 months lock-in period.

            Di ko makita yung logic for cashout,kaya siguro walang cashout sa bill,dahil galaxy note 2 is free at plan 1799 so galaxy note must also be free at plan 1799 at 30 months pa.
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              Hi @younggee,

              In the Plan Builder, the Samsung Galaxy Note - Platinum Package with Plan 1799, with a 30 month contract requires a cash-out of 9800.

              Did you cousin mention about monthly amortization using her credit card? Did she pay it upfront in the Globe Business Center? Did you pay the messenger when she got the phone?

              If she will pay thru her credit card, the bill is going to be 1799. The payment for the phone is charged to her credit card. It is best to call the Hotline or Tweet @talk2Globe for further assistance.

              Hope this helps.

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                Please advise your cousin to call the Hotline or Tweet @talk2Globe.

                I am not aware if Globe has changed their policy or process. They charge the cash-out thru the credit card or pay it one-time upon release of the device.

                Tell her to call them.