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    How do I get a refund for an over-payment due to cancelled recontracting?




      I am a frustrated customer so please bear with my long narration.


      The agents from the 211 hotline seem to be clueless as to how I can get my money refunded. I paid off the remaining months of my existing contract so I could recontract and get a Galaxy S4 on the P1799 plan. I made it clear with the people I spoke to over the phone that I will only continue with the recontract if they have the unit available. After I paid off my termination fee at a Globe store, I called the hotline to process the recontracting. The first agent I spoke to said they were out of stock and I had to call back to process the recontracting.


      I called back later that day and spoke to a more knowledgeable agent who said there was still no stock of the S4 but said she can "force-out" the unit from the warehouse. She said she will call me back when it's available so we can close off the deal. An hour later, she did call me back to advise me that the Galaxy S4 White is already available and that we can proceed with the recontracting. "Expect the handset in 2 working days".


      Today is the second working day so I called to follow-up why my handset didn't arrive. I called several times during the day and got VARIOUS answers... and I mean contradicting answers. The first agent said my order was not successfully processed so I asked her to just cancel it and place my old plan back in commitment. She didn't seem to understand what I wanted so I asked for a supervisor. To my dismay, not only did the supervisor provide me with incorrect information, she was also rude and impatient.


      So I decided to thank her and end the call. The next agent I got connected to was more reasonable and provided me options of a black Galaxy S4 instead. However it will take another 3 working days and there was no way to expedite the process. At that point, I already had trust issues with the 3 working days SLA... so I said No and asked if she can place my plan back to the original status. To my relief, she said she can. 


      So I cancelled the supposed recontracting and after another call to confirm everything, my plan is still in committment but I have an overpayment of some thousand pesos. My current plan is only 499 and the negative balance is more than enough for 6-months' worth of payment! I want to just get a refund but nobody just seems to have a clue a bout it!


      P.S. I've always been a Globe subscriber, even before I had the financial capability to get a postpaid plan. I have encountered numerous rude store personnel who would raise an eyebrow when I inquire about expensive handsets. I have spoken to a lot of customer service agents who just don't know what to do with my billing queries and I have been placed on hold for a longer period than it takes to finish reading a Tolkien novel... but I have never been more disappointed with what I've been through just to get a new contract and a new phone! It's as if Globe just doesn't need another subscriber... or it simply doesn't know how to value its subscribers.

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          From my experience, it would be easy to put in money to the company  but quite hard and long to get it back that if one does the math, it might just be better to leave it there and have your monthly MSFs and usage eat that up unless Globe had changed its process for refunds.


          From what I know (and this is the same with Smart), you would have to apply for this in a Globe business center which would then verify the varacity of your claim against their records. This in turn would have to have the approval of their accounting department of which they may ask you to go back after 2 to 3 weeks. Though my experience with Globe was over 5 years ago, the refund took about 3 months.


          If the process still holds true, then you might want to consider to deduct your subscription cost for the next 3 months from the amount of your refund.