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    International Roaming in Papua New Guinea


      Is there an International Roaming connection in Papua New Guinea?

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          There should be and here are the rates according to http://www.globe.com.ph/international/roaming/country_rates


          Services Base Rate

          Sending Text (Anywhere)$0.39 to $0.40 /Text
          Incoming TextFREE
          Incoming Calls (Any)$0.40 to $1.10 /min
          Calls to the Philippines$1.38 to $1.60 /Minute
          Local Calls (within Papua New Guinea)$0.55 to $0.80 /Minute
          Mobile Data Browsing$8.80 /MB




          • Base rates are dependent on the operator that the subscriber will select while roaming in the specified destination.
          • These rates are subject to Foreign Exchange fluctuation.
          • There will be a 15% operator surcharge and 10% overseas tax charged on top of the base rates presented.