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    Iphone replacement/repair using globe warranty


      My auntie gave me an iphone 4s on Plan1799 as a christmas gift. It is under her name but I'm the one who use and pays it(she gave me money for 24moths to pay it).


      The warranty expires on December 2013 and lately I experienced that my sleep/wake button is not functioning properly(it got stuck).


      I immediately went to Globe Store Batangas Branch and inquire about my problem. They just let me fill out a form and that's it, THEY DID NOT GIVE ME ANYTHING, NOT EVEN A CLAIM SLIP, THEY ALSO DID NOT REQUIRE ME TO PRESENT AN ID OR AN OFFICIAL RECEIPT. Am I suppose to get worried about my claiming procedure once it is fix? Do globe repair iphones or they replace it with new ones? Do I get the same color iphone or not?


      Note: I suspended my account so i would not be paying for this month, I'm currently on prepaid now. Oh and BTW, they let me keep the box of my iphone together with the accesories and stuffs.


      They told me it could go for more or less than 1 month to reclaim my iphone, my friend's lumia got fix for only 1 month.