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    7 months advanced payment and still get charge for MRF for next month???

      Hi got my line mysuperplan 499 + bb chat 99 last july 29. I paid 4186 total for 7 months advanced payment because the sales agent told me i will no longer be charged for my first 7 months aside from those on top of my bill.

      I received my first bill just now for cut off date: july 29 - aug 12, and i got billed 2118.18 breakdown as follows:

      MRF - 979.47
      Usage - 974.34
      VAT - 159.04
      Overseas communication tax -5.53

      When I checked the bill, I have advanced billing for aug 13 - sept 12 for MRF. In short, I am billed with 2 MRF amounts this cut off. i thought I paid 7 months advanced already? Wasn't I supposed to pay only my usage on top of the plan I have? I tried calling 211 but the CSR sounds sick and placed me on hold for about 20mins and ends up telling me that they are having technical or connection issues.

      HELP! i'll be leaving for SG again this week, I want to clear this up before I leave so I can enjoy my vacation. Thanks!