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    LTE & LTE-A


      I'm just wondering (and not complaining) why Globe is so slow in activating LTE or probably implementing LTE technologies on their base stations in main cities? 


      I mean their competitor is very fast in implementing such technology, infact they are now testing LTE-A here in Davao. Probably because there's no "real" competition yet since LTE is new? Or probably their network infra is not ready to accomodate or adopt LTE technologies? 


      I have tested both telcos (using Huawei e589 - unlocked) and their competitor is exceeding on this aspect in terms of speed/reliability and signal coverage. 



      I just want to hear you opinion and not bashing off to just go ahead and switch network, I am not switching networks since I have both. Just want to get your personal opinions. Thank you.

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          Hi @jozefrockz yes i heard the news also that Smart is currently working with Huawei for the LTE -A. Being the first is an honor but i think they should first cater the instability of LTE signal prior to accommodate new technology.


          However in real world, thats how company run their business..parang iPhone, prior to iPhone 5s mass production, iPhone 6 is in the work.