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    THE WEEK AHEAD - August 19-25


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      Hello Community!


      It's a very rainy Monday today so we hope you're all doing well. But we won't let rain ruin our week, right? 


      To keep you guys entertained, here's THE WEEK AHEAD for this week! We're constantly updating this thread so make sure to keep on visiting.





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      THE WEEK AHEAD - August 19-25 


      Monday, August 19:

      - Hmmm... What type of subscriber are you? @TERQZ gives us a quick list of common subscriber types!

      - Answer the quick poll in our homepage!

      - A rainy day deserves some nice comfort food to chase the blues away! @AdrianP writes about Nihonbashi Tei and Zomato to fulfill your cravings!


      Tuesday, August 20:

      You'll need all the sun you can get to fight against another wave of zombies from Popcap's Plants vs. Zombies 2! @dreaduerme gives a review of the newly released game for iOS!


      Wednesday, August 21:

      - Having fun mixing it up with GoSakto? @ssoB_Yacci shares her tips on making the best combos!


      Thursday, August 22:

      - Throwback Thursday! Get to know what being a Globe subscriber has been like in the 90's. Check out part 1 here!


      Friday, August 23:

      - Round 2 of our top 10 list! It's Android's turn to shine! @hcescala gives us his top 10 list for Android.