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    日本橋亭 (Nihonbashi Tei) Review + ぞまと (Zomato) for your Food Cravings!



      [Graphics courtesy of @Kenshin


      I seriously hope that you guys give Nihonbashi Tei a shot! And I even more seriously hope that if you do give it a shot, that you enjoy it... :manembarrassed:


      Anyway, onward to the next part of this entry!


      Although I didn't  discover Nihonbashi Tei through Zomato, I have used it as a source for which restaurants and establishments to visit around the metro. :manhappy: It's an app that's available on both Android and iOS that helps you find restaurants, and much more! :manvery-happy:


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      However, when I did search for Nihonbashi Tei on Zomato, I found more information about it, including some reviews from other people who have visited it!


      photo 4.PNG     photo 5.PNG


      Looks like some people agree with me! It's a Japanese restaurant to remember for them too. :manhappy:


      I linked my Facebook account to Zomato so that I could post my own reviews, fave the restaurants I love, and become part of the growing community of foodies there!


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      After posting my own reviews, I could climb the ranks to become a Zomato 'Connoisseur'!


      For some of the restaurants on this app, you may even find photos and the actual menu, in addition to the reviews and information!


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      So go ahead and download this really useful app! As I mentioned earlier, it is available on both Android and iOS.


      It may lead you to your next favorite restaurant! Or at the very least, a really hearty and delicious meal to help chase the Rainy Monday Blues away. Happy Eats, Everyone! :manvery-happy: