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    Guys help about my postpaid bill


      my bill is about 2000 pesos and unlimited text and call to globe/tm then unlmted internet and 500 consumables then why does my bill reach 5216 pesos,. kakagulat. Di ko alam kung bakit. nag enroll aq ng plan nung july 3 then dumating ung bill ng aug 20 so it means wala pang 2 months. saka kung mag 2 months man hindi ganun kalaki ang bill ko bat ganun.. HMP

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          It might be better if you can supply us details of your bill... Your statement would clearly state what the charges were and the discrepancy might be any but not limited to the following:


          1. Payment that has not been posted;

          2. Pro-rated MSF that had been added to normalize billing cycle;

          3. Combos that have been charged on a 30 day period which coincided with your billing cycle;

          4. Internet charges which were erroneously billed despite your being enrolled in unlimited surfing;

          5. Charges that were incurred above the Php 500 consumable which you were not aware of;

          6. Error that could be reversed.


          Again, it would be better if you could refer to your statement of account.

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            You should ask globe when your cut off date is. Normally they pro rate your bill depende sa cutt off and billing date. Also check if the unlimited calls and text to globe/tm is a freebie for your plan. What I know is that they offer unli calls and text but it will be billed on top of your MSF. Are you registered to unlisurf service? If not, data usage will cost you more than what you expected. Make sure to get unlisurf if you always use the internet.
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                The SuperUnli is a booster and it is charged on top of the MRF.

                As what @ChitoReyes said, initial payment is not credited or they did not prorate the first bill.

                Based on my experience last month, Globe did not prorate my first bill. They charged the entire amount which is 1799.

                Call the Hotline - 211 or Tweet @talk2Globe for more help.