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    Iphone 5 Cash out Changes.


      Apply sana ako ulit ng new account IPHONE5 16GB under Plan 1799 w/ cash out 24months,
      Sabi ng branch rep 4,800 + 1799,
      nung pinrocess ung application sabi 7200+1799, tinanong ko bakit ngchange?
      HANDSET PRICE increase daw since august daw ng chance na yung price list affected rate plan 1799, 2499, etc, edi ok,
      ask ko magkano plan999 cashout 19,200 daw, den tinignan ko ung previous pricelist my changes nga sa ibang rate plan kaso nagtaka lang ako, pagtingin ko sa plan999 cashout 19,200 pa rin, no changes at all,
      so kung tumaas ung HANDSET PRICE bakit ung plan 999 still the same parin ung  cashout 19,200, anyare? dahil mas marmi ung ngpaplan under 1799, 2499 etc kaya hindi tinaasan ung cashout ng 999?

      any answers? thanks

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          We've been discussing that also here... not only the iphone 5 but also the Samsung S4... It seems that their valuation has gone up with the higher plans starting from 1799.


          From my computation, even with the old plans, Globe would have earned substantially if we take the Peso value as was plus a leeway for a higher than credit card interest rate. It could only mean that Globe might be discouraging financing long term or bundled PV might be too much for the higher plans that it has to be compensated for by some other way.  It could also mean that Globe needs the liquidity and the reason for a higher cash out.


          Their formula actually baffles even my very mind. Their seems to be a pattern and logic for the plans below 1799 which is easy to compute but for plans 1799 and above is another story. For whatever reason, it makes me think that there might be something financially wrong with how they do things and a bigger challenge to choose the best deal there is.


          Oh well... the deeper reason may not be for us to comprehend.



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            Hi @slycc :smileywink:

            For whatever reason, we do not know why Globe came-up with this price list.