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    tattoo @ home LTE


      A globe sales representative visited the apartment that im renting 3 weeks ago and offered me this tattoo @ home lte. The girl mentioned that LTE is now available here @ west buting, pasig city. I asked her some question but I was a bit skeptical with her answer so before I make a decision, I hope you could shed some light with my queries below:


      1. If LTE is not available, does the modem could pick up other signal like HSDPA? 2 months from now lilipat na ako sa condo na binili ng mom ko sa ridgewood tower taguig city along c5 road. so im hoping kung walang LTe sa location for me to continue the service ok lng s akin HSDPA na signal.


      2. What modem ung gagamitin to pick up LTE signal? eto ba ung mga USB dongle?


      3. parang canopy ba ito na nilalagyan ng atenna?

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          No, It will not switch to HSDPA. Before installing a group of technicians will visit your house to check where you can connect and the signal. If those were passed, your location is serviced by LTE then that is the time where they are going to install that.

          It is not a usb dongle. It is compared to wimax but different type of connection and different modems and they got antenna for better coverage. 




          - Hindi po kayo iinstallan ng [email protected] kung wala pong signal or hindi nyo po ito magagamit. They will check first on the map kung ok. Then saka i-veverify kung may signal nga sa bahay nyo because ung map na un ay hndi nakakadetect ng blocking ng mga towers, kung may nakaharang sa tower to your house then the part 2 will decline your request. Then the 3rd part was installation na po talaga as in to your house