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    Poor Signal Coverage - Pasig, Paranaque


      I hope this reaches the team that's responsible for setting up Globe cell sites in around Metro Manila.


      Globe's signal in Paranaque (dona soledad ave. extension) and Pasig (pinagbuhatan, nagpayong) are very poor and at times totally unusable for both data and voice services.


      I've been a Globe subscriber for more than 10 years now and this recent network upgrade of globe (supposedly to prepare for 4g, LTE) is from my recollection the most disappointing project ever embarked on by Globe.


      Instead of getting better reception, consistent signal coverage, and reliable/fast data services (which we had then before the upgrade) we get the totally opposite effect of bad reception, dropped calls, very poor voice quality, and shitty internet speed (eg. EDGE). All because your CEO has not done his homework, assessed the risk of the upgrade, and put in measures to mitigate the risk to Globe's existing user base.


      I have an IP5, IP4 and a few dumbphones. Using them on the area mentioned above is a pain and frustrating to say the least considering the amount I pay on a monthly basis.


      Globe when will you listen to your subscribers? Do a customer survey to find out the sentiments and pain points of your customers, don't just listen to your incompetent engineers and project managers.. Know what's out there and understand why your customers are angry and frustrated with your services...