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    International Roaming - Plan 1799




      I am currently on Plan 1799 with unlisurf(999) and 800 consumable. I will be going to the US and staying there for at least a year.


      I wish to ask if it is possible to terminate my unlisurf and have the 1799 fully consumable? I do not want to terminate my plan nor transfer it to my family members.


      Assuming that this is possible, if I register my accout to PowerRoam, will that be above my MSF?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Hi @-firebolt- 


          Not possible to eliminate the Unlisurf if your current Plan is My Super Plan Unlisurf Combo (999 Ulisurf + 800 Consumbales)


          Power Roam will be billed on top of your MSF:

          "Please note of the following terms and conditions:


          Try to check your remaining lock up period this can help you decide whether recontracting or Plan downgrade suffice your concern. Feel free to call the Hotline for furtehr assistance


          note: You will be paying 1799 for a year na hindi mo magagamit yung Plan since all services(if im not wrong) will be billed on top.

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            @-forebolt- Yeah, they are correct. Your best option is to check if you're almost out of your contract (so you can weigh if you can afford to temporarily downgrade your plan to save on cost and just upgrade again when you return or not). :smileyhappy: