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    Adding account at Globe Website/Subcribe to paperless billing




      I opened my first post paid account in February. When I got my first bill I tried to enroll the account to the Globe Website, in order to keep track of my account. However, It's not working to enroll my account. I called the hotline and they said since they were making major changes to their system, it would work again after 10 days.


      But it's still doesn't work. I'm entering my number in order to receive the verification code, the message "The account number provided is not a valid account number".


      I opened a second line/account in June, and same here, doesn't work to enroll, the same message appear. Also, with the last account, I've enrolled for paperless billing. I received the confirmation, but no bills are sent to my address. The first account I managed to enroll for paperless billing and I receive that bill every month, so why doesn't it work with the second?


      Any suggestions what do to?


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          Hi @MichaelSB take time to read this Paperless Billing FAQs it will help you :smileyhappy:

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            I have been open to my opposition to Globe's paperless billing system (as of now) simply because there are still a lot of things to be ironed out.


            The most important would be the efficiency of the system in delivering the paperless bills to the subscribers at the right time and to be able to document if indeed the said subscriber actually received the said bill.


            Despite the advances of technology and the supposed simplicity and environmentally friendlier way, I strongly suggest that you go back to the traditional service of receiving bills via courier... up to now there is still a paper trail that you can trace as the courier is made to get the signature of the recipient and the date received in the listed billing address. This way, all parties (Globe and subscriber) would be able to know when a bill is delivered and duly received in case of disputes. (This method is still the most accepted way in legal proceedings).


            Besides, our e-commerce law's implementing rules and regulations have not yet been streamlined to protect the interests of the consumers and up to now is only good as an idea rather than a legally accepted way of practice.