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    i am charged for a handset i already paid for.


      I paid for the handset upfront when i purchased a new line at Globe SM Fairview.  that payment posted on my August Bill but Globe also debited the payment claiming that it was posted on the wrong account.  Globe also charged me again for the handset.  I am now dealing with this for more than a week now still with no resolution.  they have mentioned previously that it has been resolved.  I was not satisfied with the answer so I called again yesterday and the rep that i spoke with apologized and said that they would need to escalate the issue with the support teams.  This infuriated me because the rep i spoke with a week ago told me exactly that.  i am disappointed as i have been dealing with globe for a lot of problems lately.  please help! I don't want to pay for something that I already paid for in the first place.