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    Facebook Group Promoting illegal Use of Globe's Internet Connection


      I would like to report one group out on Facebook promoting different kinds of techniques and its daily updated for Internet Connection Theft. I am just a concerned Globe Pre-Paid subscriber regarding these people who absolutely give out tricks on how to use your service out of saying its Free. This is considered Theft and Violation of Facebook's Guidelines and Rules. I pay may Internet connection religiously and use Globe's service for being connected as well. I have my own group and I do not tolerate nor even Free Internet being discussed on my own Android Development Group. This is why we get issues connecting at times on certain location. 


      This should stop. I had already reported this group through Facebook's Report user/group link. I need your help for this to stop. 


      This is the groups link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Official.CM.TitanPH/


      Please help me close this Group Down.


      Here are the screen shots:


      Globe Hack Net