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    how much is the needed proof of income for plan 499


      I have a 2 mpbs line connection with globe and i decided to apply for postpaid plan 499. I did not receive any feedback from globe 5 days after my application so i decided to contact them through chat. I was informed that I need to provide a 25k proof of income for me to avail that plan. Nakakapagtaka at nakakairita  kasi yung 2 mbps line ko is 1299 and they only asked me 10k. but this plan 499 they asked me 25k?? dinaig ko pang nag high end nto!!


      25K for 499? UNBELIEVABLE

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          I applied on PLAN 999, I ask them what are the requirements needed in order to easily be approved.

          They state the following:


          > MAke sure you are not working in a BPO company or simply have a stable job.

          > At least 10K income monthly and a credit card that have a credit limit that can support my gadget cash-out.

          > and other simple requirements (e.g Company ID / Proof of Billing / Bank Statement)


          Maybe the agent you are talking had give you incorrect infos...