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    GoUnliTxt49 prepaid no equivalent for postpaid?


      Hello! I'd like to raise the price discrepancy between unlitxt349 booster and the new GoUnlitxt49.


      If you look at it, GoUnlitxt49 is good for 7 days and if you register 4x a month, you only pay around P200, contrast that to 349 unlitxt booster that the best ever my superplan is offering and us postpaid users are shortchanged about P150 for the same service.


      Can anyone from Globe weigh into the unfair pricing scheme? Can you lower your offer for postapid users too?


      Suggestion: Lower booster to P149/month (This will make your plans on par with Sun Cellular's Plan 450) OR make it a Combo for 299PV with 201PV left for phone or other combos.