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    Billing error second time around


      I got my Galaxy S4 Plan 1799 last June 23. I paid 1799 + 4800 cash out.

      My line was activated on the 25th

      I was shocked when my first bill came that I need to pay 8,494.38. Customer Service said that my first payment was not yet posted. He also said that the first bill should be prorated. He computed my payable amount as follows… 1799/30 = 59.96 x 20 days so I need just need to pay 1199.33. On the same date I pay 1200.00.


      Here comes my second bill. It says that my total amount due is 8,391.35.

      I am dismayed since my first payment wasn’t posted until this time.

      Plus I don’t understand what this adjustment is for.

      I went to customer service today and they said it wasn’t posted. And have computed that I just have to pay 1,981.99 inclusive of share a load of 182.67. So I pay it but with second thoughts…


      My worries are when my statement will be correct.

      Did I really pay the exact amount this time? Or have they computed it correctly.

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          Hi @kixsh this is account related, might as well call the hotline or vsist any GBC to address your concern. I have same problem as yours :smileysad: Basta as of now magulo pa yung bill paiba iba every month hehe. 

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            Ganun din nangyari sakin.. nakakabwisit na talaga yung billing nila. Nag apply ako ng plan blackberry 9320 unit 499/month. Wala akong booster na inavail pero nung magbabayad nako para dun sa 1month advance may dinagdag na BB Chat (sbi required daw un sa mga bb plans) pagdating ng next month naging 4k+ ung bill ko. Pinasettle ko sa customer service nun edi naging okay na..ngaun naman nagcheck ako sa Paperless billing naging 1555.62 namn na dapat ay 598 lang. pilit nilang dinadagdag ung BB Max sa bill ko na hindi ko naman inavail.

            Walang kwenta customer service nila.. ulit ulit nalang ung mga errors!!