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    Highly Frustrated: Unmet Lead Times for Postpaid Plan Application


      Hi, like many of the individuals in this forum, I feel quite frustrated with the status of my application, as I've submitted all my requirements, via walk-in, at the Globe Business Center in Powerplant mall.


      Upon receiving my requirements, the sales rep who checked them told me that I had to wait up to 48 hrs for a call. 48 hours later, I get nothing, so I call the sales hotline for assistance. I got all sorts of reasons, either that I couldnt be reached, or that I wasn't picking up. I am very disappointed with the kind of service extended to me by people who cannot seem to give me a believable answer. The whole time I was waiting for the calls from your checker, I got short calls and even received texts throughout the day. I find it highly unlikely that a telecommunications company cannot contact someone from the same network for a span of 10 days. After 8 disgruntled calls to the sales and customer service hotline, I received a call from the checker 11 days late from the supposed 48 hour tagline. 


      Now after receiving the call, of course I get my hopes up, and expect that I'll be getting my unit after a maximum of 3 days post call, considering that our office always had open lines. But after my nth call to the sales hotline and my nth visit to the business center, I get the same dead end response. That our Office's lines are unreacheable. I am irritated that I've already provided so many proactive alternatives 


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          and still I get the same response, that our office lines are unreachable. I`ve gotten quite a number of calls already coming from the outside, filtered into my local. Same goes with my colleagues. I really don`t understand why they can`t even seem to provide a different reason as to why it`s taking so long. It`s already getting past two weeks and all I keep getting from the Sales hotline is insurmountable amounts of reference numbers, escalations not going anywhere, and forwards to the business center. In every visit I make to the business center, I get the same response that our Office is unreachable. I`ve even provided an alternate number just in case they couldn`t reach the previous one I provided. I even instructed them to request from the operators to be redirected to the HR offices, as well as suitable hours for contact. Earlier today, I visited the business center again, to check if their reps were able to call our HR, and to my surprise, all the efforts I`ve made in calling, all the helpful information I`ve provided with the Sales Hotline has gone to waste. The business center didn`t even know I provided different passages for contact. The only good thing that happened there was that their guard, bless him for his patience with an irate woman, accommodated me and let me speak with the manager. 


          Hopefully, her promise of feedback at 3PM tomorrow will be met. 

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            Hi @bananaraki :smileywink:

            Let's ask for intervention from the Community Manager @GlennO :smileyhappy:
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              I hope you guys can help me to get this resolved within the week. 


              Because it is really taking too long. 


              I don`t mind the waiting, as long as it doesn` take me one more week. Not knowing what the status of your application is, can be a waste of energy, worry and time. I`d appreciate getting feedback via text if there still hasn`t been any response from our HR or office`s end.


              Please also let me know that there is already a solution to this so that I will be free of worry.. 



              Also hope that by 3PM tomorrow, I`d get a response and that I wouldn`t have to worry anymore. 



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                  Would it help to follow-up at a Globe Business Centre?


                  It worked with my line activation. I applied online. Got my phone after two weeks (yesterday morning, in fact) and they gave me the standard "wait-24-to-48-hours" spiel for activation. I call their hotline this morning to follow it up and, you guessed it, they gave that "wait-24-to-48-hours" thing again. On a hunch, I went over to a Globe Business Centre in Greenhills as I happened to be in the area. That's all she wrote. Apparently, my line was activated yesterday, but my micro-SIM was faulty. Realizing that, the kind lady just replaced the SIM and I'm alright.


                  But the thing there is (in the spirit of your concern--which I went through too), is if I never followed up aggressively, I would get nowhere. The lady in customer service suggested that it's often easier to follow up personally. It's a hassle but it does get things done.


                  Maybe it's the same for applications?