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    Scratch on screen of my S3


      Hi guys! May problema na naman po ako :/ Hope you can help..


      So, I got my new Samsung Galaxy S3 last Sat, August 24, 2013. At first, hindi ko napansin na may scratch ang screen or ung glass part ng S3 ko syempre out of the box kampante na ako na wala talagng scratch un. Then this night napansin ko na lang na may hairline na scratch dun nga sa glass part malapit sa back capacitive button niya. I just want to ask, kung ibabalik ko po ba ito sa Globe Center (SM Sta. Mesa), would they still change my unit? T.I.A. :smileyvery-happy:

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          You can try but no guarantee because obvious physical defects like scratches on the screen should have been noticeable already right when they opened the unit in front of you for initial inspection. If I'm not mistaken, there should have been even a plastic cover installed on the screen when they gave it to you.


          You may want to claim that such was not noticed as it was just a hairline scratch and you had no idea that it was there however, it has been 5 days already since you got the unit and Globe may claim that the scratch could have been due to your usage during the 5 days which may make your claim to be weak.


          In any case, good luck... you will need it.