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    What are the grounds for disapproval of line despite that you submitted all the requirements?


      I went to different retail stores of Globe to apply for a line and unfortunately I was disapproved in my second attempt. In my first attempt, I have waited for 3 weeks for the sales representative to finally process my application but the last time I followed it up I had a terrible customer service experience with one of the Rep in SM San Lazaro. He was being too sarcastic in asking questions to me which add up to my disappointment of having to wait for 3 weeks and I still get a rude rep assisting me. SO what I did is I pulled out my requirements from them and resubmitted it to a different retail store. This time it is in Trinoma. As expected, I had to go back and follow it up because they failed to give me a feedback after the 2-3 business days that they informed me for the waiting time. Then when I went back they informed me from Trinoma Retail store that there were no feedback yet from the credit check department and they will send me a message after 24 hours for the feedback. I was positive that time that I will be approved because I have been with the BPO company for pass 2 years and my bracket for my salary is 15,000-24,000 which I believe is enough to prove that I am financially capable in maintaning my account for the plan of 1799 with a samsung galaxy s4. Unfortunatley, I received a message saying that I was disapproved. BTW, I passed 3 payslips(we get paid every 2 weeks so I submitted the last 3 payslips i have); company ID (proof of billing because there is an address at the abck of my ID) and my PRC ID;and my Certificate of Employment. Anyone who can tell me why I was dispparoved?ny ideas why? and pls tell me when can I re apply for a line ? is there a time frame before someone who got disapproved have to apply again? THANK  YOU for the feedback.,