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    Postpaid application verification process


      I am writing today with great annoyance with regards to my plan application in a Globe Store here in Zamboanga City. I applied for a plan last week ( August 23, 2013 ). Tuesday ( August 27, 2013) they called me and our Store Manager for verification of my identity and employment. After which, the agent promised to call me within 24  to 48 hours. My impatience bothers me as it is past 48 hours today and 1 week has already passed since my application. I requested for a follow-up but no feedback were given on their end. So I decided to go to the Globe Store today and personally followed up my application but I was SHOCKED!!! According to the agent at the Globe Store, the verification process was  rescheduled AGAIN because of Main Office Chowking in Manila failed to receive their call. 


      My question is, why Globe need to call the Main Office of Chowking in Manila? Why the agents inconsistent with their advises? The agent that called me this Tuesday told me that they will just call me within 24 to 48 hours but they did not. Now why bother calling the Main Office? That's not practical at all and will just prolong the application process. Is it not suffice for our Store Manager to verify my employment?



      I am a co-manager in a Chowking branch here in our city. 

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          Hi @Annoyed ,


          Good luck sa'yo kaibigan.

          Wish you the best. 



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            I'm not sure why they need to call the manila office of your employer.But Im sure it's part of their process. I hope they can update you the soonest.
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                I'm really pissed with how Globe handles postpaid applications. I thought applying personally in a Globe Store is the fastest. :smileymad:


                I cannot understand why they bother calling the Head Office in Manila just to confirm my employment? Is it not enough that I gave them my COE, my recent two months pay slip and all pertinent IDs?


                I thought all they need to contact for verification are the ones whom I provided for them to contact? I only provided my best friend, my Store Manager via the Store Telephone number and my contact number. When they called me and my Store Manager last Tuesday I thought verification was already done  that day because they promised me to call back within 24 to 48 hours to give me a feedback regarding whether or not the application was approved.  As expected no call back ever happened! This people are so unprofessional! 


                My application is now past 1 week since my application. :smileymad:

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                    Annoyed Hi, my experience is the same with you, I went to GBC(MARKET-MARKET) last Dec 03,2013 knowing that it will be faster to get an approval rather than online application. Since then I never got any update(phone call or email) I am very disappointed with the service, so I called globe and raised this issue, I was told that my application in Market- Market is not showing on their system(probably my application has been escalated to the HEAD OFFICE) so I decided to continue my online application instead, I revised my order for the reason that iPhone 4s is no longer available for plan.. EVERYDAY I make a follow up and was told that our HR DEPARMENT(for verification process) contact number is not active or they got a busy tone every time they tried. But when I went to HR to asked about this they told me that GLOBE SUPPORT never called them for verification. I am really pissed off.


                    My online application was started since SEPT 09 2013**was called twice by the globe rep, since then no update received**


                    My personal application in GBC Market-Market (TAGUIG): DEC. 03. 2013**no update since then, went to market2 twice and was told that the application was on the HEADOFFICE.


                    Revised on FEB 09,2014
                    **NEVER GOT A PHONE CALL FROM GLOBE REP. TO GIVE ME AN UPDATE, I have to make a follow up everyday for this.**


                    I submitted the requirements they needed. I just need an update. it is very easy to say if my application has been DENIED or REJECTED. 


                    What else do you need? What should I do to expedite this??HELP


                    Ref. number: 40633103

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                  Two weeks of no feedback from GLOBE and counting... :smileyfrustrated: